A Journey Towards Singaria

Find the lost land of Singaria and embark on a new adventure


Rich story with high degree of freedom
Long story with rich dialogue, and free to explore the world at the same time
Battle with your teammates and switch at any time
Continue your journey with 3 teammates, with the freedom to switch and control at any time
Various talents with diverse skills
6 characters with total of 18 talents, free to select and cooperate with others to challenge everything
Free to explore the world with ample quests
The world map is huge with various unique areas, and side quests are rich and diverse
Enjoy a wonderful life in a happy farm
Raising animals, planting seeds, gathering materials, singing to your cute and little animals, find valuable collections, capturing pets for battle, and do whatever you like!
Lead your soldiers to win
Choose different types of arms with unique formations, and command your soldiers to win (mini games)
Reform, upgrade and gemstone system
Power up your weapon with upgrade, reform and gemstone system, or craft a new equipment
Obtain various items with synthesis system
Mix different materials in the synthesis furnace to obtain special items
Various decorations at your home
Free to decorate your home with various decoration options, and each of them has specific power
Select proper food and drink to operate your tavern
Pay attention to the information forecast, select proper amount of food and drink, and manage your tavern to earn money
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